The Steve Simonson Sourcing China Experience - 2019

Event Video & Photography Coverage Proposal

Shot by: Ahlyzik Monroe


This proposal is for the creation of promotional photo/video content of the Steve Simonson Sourcing China experience. 

This new promotional high quality photo/video content will bring a fresh and exciting perspective into the incredible experience of traveling through China and discovering the secrets to sourcing. Together, we can create something that will further establish the Steve Simonson Sourcing China Experience as a premier trip and pique the guests' curiosity in showing how valuable your trip truly is. By having a dedicated person focused on content creation, this will allow you to spend more valuable one-on-one time with your guests. Since this trip is a once in a lifetime experience for many people on the trip, the videos created will serve as souvenirs that your guests will cherish for a lifetime.


In a world where video is becoming a far more vital part of how people consume information, having a video that encapsulates the complete guest experience that is shown both on your website and your social media platforms will surely put your trip in a highly competitive position.

Meet the Photographer

My name is Ahlyzik Monroe, and I am a photographer/videographer from Los Angeles. I've travelled extensively all throughout Asia, and China in particular.

I've been to Guangzhou to visit the canton fair twice and most recently shot some drone footage for the China Magic group in April of 2019 which you can see here to on the left. 

My passion lies in capturing capturing moments that inspire awe and using that to help companies share their story.

Shot by: Ahlyzik Monroe


Below are a few videos that I recently shot which will give you an idea of what you can expect.



Full coverage of entire trip including photography, video, drone footage and timelapse imagery

500+ Professional photos of entire trip

(1) 10 minute promotional video of entire trip

(1) 3 minute teaser promo video

Testimonial interviews from select attendees

Professional headshots for all attendees

Exclusive rights to all footage



I'm ecstatic get this off the ground and help you get people excited about coming on your trips! Creating a product we can both be proud of is a top priority and I'm here to help you show what a beautiful experience your guests can have. You have my full commitment and dedication to make this a reality.

To get started, shoot me an email at